Wednesday, March 4, 2009

L.F.S.M vol 1 mixtape

download "L.F.S.M vol. 1" mixtape here

this is an old mix i did last year, that i never put out, so i figured better late than never to give you some sounds..the mix is basically some smoked out raw shit that i love to listen to from artists i know, love, respect or admire. or all of the above. this is a dope mix to chief and just chill to with the homies. and trust me, if you dont like that raw, dusty, dirty grimey aesthetic in your music, this mix is NOT for you.

some of the artists featured on this mix are:

asonic garcia
omar rodriguez lopez & jeremy ward
busdriver ft. d-styles
silver apples of the moon
ravi shankar
high priest (of antipop consortium)
delofi ft. kent
sun ra
the slumplordz (sunmoonsekt)
black moth super rainbow
citizen ten
third sight
goblin glasses
joe gosalvez
ricci rucker


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