Tuesday, February 24, 2009

at the moment...

im readin...

"Slouching Towards Nirvana" - Charles Bukowski

his latest released collection of poems.a solid representation of the legendary dirty old man's style. these pieces are real personal, focusing on his fucked up relationships with women and his addictions....his blunt and unapologetic style is both raw and deeply meloncholy at the same time.gotta love it.

im watchin..


saw this film in japantown with the queen Rosemarie.(helpful hint, dont be moded and go to Sundance Theatres thinking the tickets are under ten bucks.they are NOT.hahhaha.but at least almost everything else in japantown is cheap). This move is deep, man. the characters all pulled you in, well acted down the line, and the way they captured the city in the 70's was great...it makes you think when steppin down the streets of haight and castro how those same sidewalks held crazy history in the human rights struggles.like so many streets of SF,Oakland,and Berkeley.this was just one of those well told reminders....(p.s the real fun is what they show on the screen at Sundance before the movie even starts...)

listenin to...

Theo Parrish

musically vibing with Miss Rosemarie, shes gotten me back into rediscovering and appreciating really GOOD deep house music. one of my favorite artists is Mr.Parrish. I really dig the way he blends true deep house, with raw downtempo detroit soul and motown feels. its a perfect combination. like if dilla went to chicago in the early 80's.peep some of the clips above,and check out his projects if you havent...good stuff.

Sunday, February 1, 2009