Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

download "DISARM" immediately!!!!

the lil homie Joe Gosalvez has done it once again,and just dropped his latest EP "Disarm" for free download online....i strongly strongly suggest you check this get the download, click the cover below..



Joe is a monster on the drums and a beast on the beats,and this is seriously the best music i've ever heard from him.this is NOT one to sleep mad happy and glad to see some new music from the Mushroom Cloud Experiments yours truly.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

joe versus the volcano

my good good friend and band mate Joe Gosalvez is currently studying out in Hawaii. during his time out there he's capturing all his experiences in his photography. he's been taking great shots, so i wanted to show some love, and give you a link to his flickr album of work.heres some photos from Hawaii,and some of his trip back to the bay...

more photos at:

also,Joe is an amazing beat maker and musician,and his EP is dropping soon..around the same time my LP is released.expect a lot of music to come from us in collaboration as well...


Thursday, December 18, 2008

at the moment...

listening to....

Miles Davis - "On the Corner" LP

its downright crazy to think this joint was one of his worst selling records upon release in the early seventies and also one of the most ripped on records by "critics". especially so called "jazz critics". now its pretty much one of the most influential miles' records for crazy musicians like myself, and heavy music heads alike.the real deep stanky funk rhythms powering this record are so fuzzy and distorted you can tell why this album influenced alot of feelings and textures you hear in post punk and other future rock movements to come.the dirty guitars on this album are what gets me.this is miles at his experimental genre demolishing best.this one aint for sampling,in my opinion,unless your into raping records for obvious funky loops,cause this one is more for the listen and the groove.this is a must have for the milkcrates and shelves.regardless the price.


Fyodor Dostoevsky - "Notes From The Underground"

this one is great.i slept on Dostoevsky even though i was into cats like Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre,when i come to find that both Nietzsche and Sartre highly respected Dostoevsky and even claim him as their main influence,and the forerunner in existentialist thought.what a damn theory to help innovate.bigs up to Fyodor.straight from the mothafuckin' underground.(Thanks for the suggestion,Ms. Dawn Dilla).


"Piece By Piece"(2005)

this is deep for sf and bay area graff artists and aficionados.basically all you need to know about graff history and culture of the Sucka Free.find this DVD and cop it.if you dont know where to find it,find out what spots carry them and hit those spots should be gettin out the house and goin to those cool type of places more anyway....this DVD is dope for the collection....i love the segment on "Dream"...check it out..


damn,have you been paying attention to the sky?!!...venus and jupiter,crazy moons,its the age of aquarius,kids.exciting times.and the signs are in the stars.look up.


welcome to lo fi smoke music.this blog's purpose is pretty much for whatever the fuck i'll feel like puttin up in here...anything from random photos and thoughts,old school vinyl reviews and recommendations,new music updates,books,movies,gear,current and past progpaganda,featured art from my friends and family,and any other random shit that goes on in my crazy dome.

im guessin it will be best visited while lifted.


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